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(Scofield Study Bible)


Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth (2 Timothy 2:15).

DEGREE: Th.A, Th.B, Th.M, Th.D.

CREDITS: 60 Hours (2 years, 4 Modules of 15 hours each)
   Degree level matriculation will depend upon official assessment of each student's DACE analysis. Higher level degree tracks will involve expanded coursework.

PROGRAM COST: $200. With the first offering you will receive a beautiful new, bonded leather Old Scofield Study Bible (KJV) red letter with the cherished 1917 notes. Sealed degrees are optional at $50 per year completed. 

TEXTBOOK COST: Included in first offering. All coursework will be assigned to you in a personalized syllabi.

ENROLLMENT: A student may enroll at any time during the year by downloading and submitting an  and IP CCC&S and the Degree and Credit Evaluation


Dr. CI Scofield (August 19, 1843 - July 24, 1921), founder of the Philadelphia School of the Bible (1914), was actually a drunken attorney who served a stretch in prison for forgery before he turned his life over to Christ. From the day of his conversion (1879) Scofield began to consume the Word of God with an attorney’s penchant for facts. In time he became a highly skilled Bible teacher who recognized some very specific divisions in the Scriptures. In 1888 he wrote Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth, as a pamphlet containing 10 of these important divisions. One of them is dispensationalism, which sees a clear distinction between Israel and the Church along seven specific periods of time where God dealt with man in unique ways. This is the position taken by us and many great Bible teachers today.

The Old Scofield Bible Study Course will provide you with an opportunity to satisfy your deepest hunger for understanding how God’s Word—in all its seeming complexity fits together in a sound historical, biographical, and doctrinal setting. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity where you will dig in and rightly divide the Word of Truth by learning how to use: 

Index p. 1354

Covers all the editorial matter in the Scofield Study Bible except individual Book introductions and the running Analysis of paragraphing. Subject references are indicated in parenthesis.

Dictionary of Scripture Proper Names- p. 1365

Bible references to some of the principal persons and places mentioned in Holy Scripture.

Subject Index- p. 1409

The most important topics with Scripture references.

Concordance- p. 1447

A thorough (not exhaustive) listing of thousands of Bible words and their references.

Index to Maps- p. 1607

Hundreds of important places listed in the Index and referenced to 9 full color maps.


Q: Is this the same Scofield Course offered by Moody Bible Institute? No it is not.

Q: What do these Scofield Bible studies consist of? This course contains 4 Modules of 15 credit hours each focusing your study in 5 Bible Concentrations: 

Scofield Studies 101-401 Biographical Studies (102-402)

Biblical Studies (103-403 )
Theme Studies (104-404)

Theology Proper Studies (105-405)

Q: Do I need a sponsor for this course? Yes you do. The (minimum) investment in this course is $120 (includes shipping Bible and all Modules). It can be paid in 4 increments of $30 each. Upon receipt of the first $30.00 you will receive your new in box Old Scofield Study Bible (bonded leather, KJV, red letter, 1917 notes), Course Instructions, and Module 1 Syllabus (15 hours credit course work assignments). Upon receipt of the next $30 offering, Module 2 will be sent to you. The same for Modules 3 and 4. If you prepay all 4 modules at once ($120), we will include Dr. Scofield's classic: "Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth" free.

Q: Can I receive more than one Module at a time? Yes, as long as they are pre-paid.

Q: Will I receive a degree for this coursework? As with all of our programs, you will receive a Diploma and the option of an Associate of Theology degree- or higher- depending upon your DEGREE AND CREDIT EVALUATION (DACE) analysis.

Q: How do I have my credits and life experience evaluated? Download and complete IP CCC&S and the DACE

Q: Do I need to wait for the DACE evaluation before I begin my study program? No. Your credits will be added in later long before a degree is issued.

Q: Do you accept international students? Yes! The student may opt to download and use the Old Scofield Study Bible and all Modules on the computer, or pay international shipping and handling charges which can be prohibitive.

Q: Will this coursework transfer into any other degree programs? Yes it will.

Q: Will the fee be reduced if I have an Old Scofield Study Bible. No, we send a new one to each US student.

Q: How do I sign up for the Old Scofield Bible Study course? Please fill out and return  and IP CCC&S and the Degree and Credit Evaluation

Degree level matriculation is determined after assessment of your DACE (Degree and Credit Evaluation) and the IP CCC&S. A complete CCC&S may be downloaded separately:



BS- Biblical Studies -- Min- Ministry -- RE- Religious Ed -- Th- Theology
CBS- Counselor -- ABS- Associate -- GBS- Graduate -- BBS- Bachelor 
MBS- Master -- DBS- Doctor (same for all degree designations)


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